LED worklights overpriced?

Throughout the years the human race discovers new technology that at first glance is embraced by the public, but as always there is a catch to every progress we make even when it comes to the revolutionizing led technology. My Swedish friend Lennart told me that despite the huge benefits of led lights its remarkable how much more expensive these lights cost compared to traditional halogen lights. Lennarts father who’s a farmer, owns several tractors and are therefore often in need of quality led work lights¬†and led bar products due to the type of of work he’s doing. After having long discussions with him over the phone about the rapid growth of led technology he also cannot understand why the prices are that more expensive opposed to, in this case, traditional work lights. One could argue that the new technology which consists of led diodes are more expensive for manufacturers to produce but that’s not necessary the case. It has more to do with the word “new” combined with “technology” which always guarantees overpriced products that in reality only costs a fraction to produce. It is not the retailers fault but mainly manufacturers around the globe doing what they do best, being greedy.