Finding a balance between life and smartphones

I strongly believe that the smartphones today should have never been allowed on the market in the first place. The simple reason for that is that they keep people from connecting with each other, i mean really connecting with each other in real life. Wherever you go nowadays you see people sticking their head into their phones, like literally, which makes me think that those days where you were sitting on the benches in the park and suddenly happened to meet a new friend from nowhere are long gone. These days people come to the park alone, they sit alone and they leave alone. It’s really sad.

The smartphones today simply stops people from seeing the beautiful things in life. I ride the bus to my job and the simple thing of just paying attention to my surrounding and not letting anything distract me seems to be more difficult to many people then you would believe. There is truly so many things to see each day, and it makes my heart fill up with the joy of all these beautiful things, which I seldom feel when looking at some type of digital screen. Smartphones are here to stay I believe, that we can all agree on, but we need to find a balance between using these devices in our daily lives and actually living life. I do not know what the right answer is but if you are in such need to use a mobile device everyday, try at least to live without it at least one day at the week.